**Risk in the case of using the E-MAIL remittance system **
If you want to use the E-MAIL remittance system,After confirming that the remittance address is no doubt, please remit. If you make a mistake, it is difficult to very find, if it is not found in some cases, also, there is a case repayment impossible.

  • 08th NOV 2017 Although NEST coins are scheduled to be released today, we are currently maintaining to prioritize keeping customers' funds safely.Please wait for the next information.

  • 10th SEP 2017 SKB coin was scheduled to be updated on the 8th, but due to maintenance it will be postponed on the 11th day of the week.In the unlikely event that maintenance is required, we will announce the postponement again.SAKURA BLOOM from Japan will soon enter TDX, DICEWALLET!
    SKB is a coin that is widely handled worldwide in the fields of settlement and trade

  • 4th APR 2017 Currently, in TDX, if you do KYC you will see that you can mail the code within 2 days, but this code will not come in the future. If there is a deficiency, we will contact you than support.
    If KYC is very crowded, it may take more than two weeks.
    Also, the support e-mail address described in E-mail will be changed.
    The new e-mail address is support @

  • 29th AUG 2016 TDX of the new system, trade mode will soon start

  • 4th JUNE 2016 It was updated the Media page.

  • 16th MAY 2016 Grand Open

  • 14th MAY 2016 Pre Open